Product and Category Ads (PCA), is an In-app paid promotion for the sellers on category wise. PCA is a solution that allows you to advertise your products to 20 lac shoppers everyday.


Voonik PCA is a type of notification where customer will get a pop-up message a banner ad on their display, when they search for the products in particular category.


How does it benefits you?

  • Higher visibility

  • More likes

  • Higher Sales


Minimum participation fee: ₹500/-


If you wish to participate in Vonnik In-App PCA, kindly register on the below URL with your budget:


If you select more than one category, the budget will be equally divided across each categories. It’s always advisable to invest in one particular category at a time.


Also mail your PCA banner (Size: 800 * 400) to


Note: Make product price more attractive for customers to get sales.