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I have bad experience with you sorry by I have.

I had been ordered but I don't satisfied. So I w"'ll be return it & Refund my money.
मुझे हैण्ड वाच रिटर्न करना है क्यों की वो मुझे पसंद नहीं है और मुझे उसका रिफंड चाहिए
Really worst quality give back my amount earliest
But what you purchase have some details.
Size is big
As early as possible refund me
Color not according to the description and have defect in a product . Refund me as soon as possible ...Thankyou
मेरा रिफंड कब तक आ जायेगा????
SPORT Wrist Watch Quality is Veryyyyy Substandard, indifferently Really So Wrost Quality. I'm Very Disappointed. Please Refund My As soon as Possible.
Kind Refund My Payment as Earliest bcoz Product Not According to Description.
Why R U doing late to refund my money.


Meri watch ka Kya howa abhi tak koi aaya nhi
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