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confirm my order

My order has been cancelled due to not reachable ,so please reconfirm my order Anit

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Hai"" My order is not delivered. So please confirm date my order..

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Dr. Sir please delivery 10/10/2016

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please transfer my amount which product i refund as soon as possible;;


Can u plz tell me..wht time wll gve me my order..wthn 24 hrs or more
Can you plz tell me ...what time will give me my order.. 28 sep date and todays 11.oct. not receive in my parsal .....
Ate... tpuuu..... On month se my weighting karry... aaj tak tu aubi voie purana bath karra...dhagara rahta

pls confirm my order and how to check my order placemenet...

Can i know that when will i get my parcels there r two products As i have bought
I haven't recieved my order of Do Bhai pair of shoes.
I'm not getting my order
Please confirm my order
Confirm my order.
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Dear sir i am not receive my order i am waiting for that.
Hi my order is not delivered so please confirm the date
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