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Replace shoe

Hi I want to replace my shoe with size 7, I ordered size 8 and got delivered today. Please replace my shoe with size "7". Thanks & Regards Mukesh Sharma

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Return my product because the delivered product is damaged in the box
I haven't even opened the parcel of shoes. I ordered number 10 size shoes n I have got number 6 size shoes. I want to return my order Kindly collect it
Hai I want replace in my loffer,I have ordered shoe size 8,but I had received the shoe size 7,so please change it and kindly collect the loffer
Wrong Model Shoes sent by you to me.
Hello i want to replace the shoe with size no.10. I have ordered size no.8 I got delivered it on 5th sept...kindly collect it..thank u
Sir, I have already ordered - SKU:bs-opera48 Blue - 7 only you sent me that


i want only 7 No. bs-opera48 blue - 7 Shoes


pleace cancel my order


please replace my shoe, i had ordered for size 8, bt i received size 9, Pls do the needful

Please replace my shoe, i had ordered for size 9, but you delivered size 8, please replace as soon as possible.

I want to replace my shoes that's been delivered today. I ordered size 6 not 7 for two pairs
Hi The shoes provided to me are bad... Sole is of pure low quality I want replacement or money back. Please do respond
Return my product because the product was different then my order so plz return my money i was attaching both the shoe which I'm order and what u give
My shoes size 9 bat your delivati size shoes10. My caret size 9 shoes return shoes plz
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